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Our tools help you to create and optimize your trading strategies for cryptocurrencies and thus make your everyday life as a trader easier.

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StratXPro Signals for TradingView - Create your Strats like a Pro

Create your own strategy on TradingView and receive Buy & Sell Signals. Easily combine up to five out of 15+ different indicators - each for buy, sell and dca in different time periods (one min to one week) in one chart at the same time!

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PTStratX - Multi Period Backtesting Tool for Profit Trailer 2

Our special version for Profit Trailer 2 users: Find your 'best' strategy with ease, learn about the indicators, visually verify your best strategy and finally run backtests (simulation) with historical data. This is a backtest script for TradingView.

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Coming Soon: SAL9K - Scalping Bot for Bitmex

Are you tired of using the standard strategies offered by the commonly available cryptocurrency trading bots? We are working hard to provide you with a range of new and unique features to take your trading career to the next level. The bot is currently in alpha stage and heavily tested. We aim to release a beta version later this year.

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